Sunday Sensibility

Sunday, as I’ve said before, is a very tranquil day here in the Algarve, which suits us most weeks but today in particular was quite necessary as we said goodbye to Joanne this morning and that left us both feeling introspective and quiet. We have certainly missed her all day as she has been such a part of our life and routine for the last seventy-seven days.

Once back from the airport I organized a laundry then grabbed my camera and headed out for a walk around the “neighbourhood”. Sunny, warm, a tiny breeze, and not a soul in sight. Just what I needed.

It is Carnvale week here in Portugal and that usually implies parades, partying, and much festivities. Moncarapacho was to have it’s annual parade this afternoon and we had intended to go around mid afternoon but instead we headed over to visit Pat and Gary, who moved in their new accommodation today, and instead spent a lovely two hours sitting on one of their terraces sipping vino and gabbing. They have a gorgeous new place and the gardens around the property were fodder for my camera.

Marc and I are a little envious of P&G’s new digs……….it really is in such a beautiful spot and I’m certain will provide a quiet evening and night experience for them. On the grounds there are many plants, including numerous cactus of varying size. Marc asked me to pose in front of one……I did and the look on my face is because as I took my position I leaned a bit too close and got a thorn in my arm, another in my back, and finally one in my ass!!!!

A perfect Sunday it turned out to be on so many levels. As I sit here now at the kitchen table with the windows wide open the scent of jasmine is almost overwhelming. Here is a tiny portion of the “wall” of jasmine that lines our walkway in from the parking.

This is probably about 1/3 rd of jasmine and our windows are about 40 feet away. What a treat.

I’m on cooking duty tonight……..baked salmon and veggies, and on that note, off I go.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sensibility

  1. Such beautiful pictures today of the countryside, especially the flowers! I love that flower with 2 shades of orange. Hope Joanne has a safe return home & I know you guys are certainly going to miss her. She was such a great hiking companion to you Randy. Salmon dinner sounds great – enjoy!


    1. Thanks Joannie…..yes, beautiful flowers today…..most of them in Pat’s new garden. She’ll be weeding this week for sure! LOL


  2. What a lovely day! Pat and Gary’s place is certainly a parardise, quite a find! I can smell the jasmine coming up the walkway to the quinta…one of my many million memories! Yes, I am missing the Algarve! xoxo


    1. The jasmine is ALMOST overwhelming right now. It permeates everything but now is having competition with the lemon and orange blooms


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