A New Discovery

In all the many years we’ve been coming here we’ve developed a bit of a routine with Saturday morning markets and for whatever reason haven’t explored others that are in fact geographically closer to us. Well, today we changed that!

A wall tile in the village of São Brás de Alportel , our market of choice today.

We are delighted that we finally explored this wonderful authentic market and the discovery of cheese shops, butchers, fish and vegetable vendors, and virtually any other thing we might require. Although we love Olhão market, this was attended primarily by locals, hardly a tourist in sight. It’s also thrilling for us as it’s only about four km from the house that we have rented for next year, which will make it our market of choice.

Of course we also enjoyed a walk around in São Brás which is quite a lovely town.

James and Andrée-Anne had come along with us and we met up with Pat and Gary who also enjoyed the new find. We also took this opportunity to enjoy lunch at a favourite chicken restaurant, Churrasqueira Paraiso “Luis dos Frangos”. Fingers were licked!!

I decided to head off for a tranquil mountain walk in the afternoon and I wish there was a way that I could share the scents with you. The orange/lemon blossoms are just on the cusp of being overpowering. I sniff deeply the entire walk, almost hyperventilating at times!! I keep reminding myself to memorize how it smells as it is utterly fabulous.

A lovely discovery today, the pomegranate flowers are starting to bud and in a few cases, open.

And of course you saw the fields of poppies!! They are everywhere and there will be more of them. I love their sometimes slow seductive dance and at other times, wilding flailing in the breeze. One thing is for certain, they are never still and are always calling out for attention. Funny, I know a few people just like that!!!

6 thoughts on “A New Discovery

  1. One question: is that a shrimp plant? 3rd picture down in your walk around the town? We planted 6 of them today.


    1. Yes it is. They are used often in gardens here.


  2. Great photos…you have definitely chosen a beautiful spot for next year! Never ending sensory overload! I am really enjoying your blog!


    1. Glad you are following along when you have time.


  3. Randy, It is wonderful to follow your blog again this year! I never tire of the photos of flowers, tiled houses, a notes of your travels around the area. If we can’t be there, this helps me remember many details of your great introduction to the Algarve.


    1. Thanks so much Andrea. It’s been a stellar year for wildflowers. I’m delighted to know you follow along and it brings pleasure. Makes it all worthwhile.


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