Friends Freesia and Fonte

A favourite walk of ours for many years now is one that in the Algarve Walking Trail book was called “A Walk to the Spring”. For some reason they have now changed it to ” Caminhos e encruzilhadas de ir à Fonte”, which basically means, “Paths and crossroads go to the source”! I prefer the old name although I expect in Portuguese it roughly translates to the original.

It’s a beautiful hike skirting between the barrocal and the serra, which is basically the area around the foothills and into the mountain. It is quite rural and goes into the Vale do Bengado, winds through several small hamlets and villages and then climbs along the backside of the Cerro da Cabeça. I wouldn’t say it’s challenging but it’s certainly not for those that aren’t accustomed to some degree of hiking. The “book” claims it’s 8,4 km but we stayed on the path for the most part and my Fitbit told me we walked 12,2 km.

The paths are lined with dry stone walls, olive, carob, and holm oaks, cork oaks, along with the usual suspects of oleander , ash and poplar trees.

The overwhelming scent through much of the walk today was freesia. It seemed to be growing everywhere, in places where there are probably been a house previously, abandoned places, all through the tiny hamlets. I love it, it truly is intoxicating. I wish I could some how transfer the scent to this blog. Here are a few samplings.

We took a small side trip down to what they call a “water mine”. The mines supply water to the irrigated crops.

In several of the gardens we passed I noted an abundance of roses growing, some of them enormous. Those, and a few other flowers, really brighten things up.

A picnic is a prerequisite for this particular outing and we are creatures of habit as over the years we always wind our way to the same old abandoned orchard. find a comfortable place to sit and relax for as long as we like. I personally enjoy it very much, the chit chat, the silence, the company, etc.. Today Gary had a seniors moment I think because I caught him fishing!!!!

Quite a few lovely wild flowers greeted us from time to time.

My favourit3e “wild flowers” of the day

A thoroughly enjoyable outing with good friends and the Walk to the Spring, accomplished yet one more time.

Gary, Patricia, Dawn and of course moi!

And these, two of my favourite shots from today………

7 thoughts on “Friends Freesia and Fonte

  1. Dawn Trethewey March 4, 2023 — 7:33 am

    Such a lovely memory saved, I’ll think of it often! Thanks Randy


    1. Yes, it was a lovely day. Happy to have you here again.


  2. I could not have enjoyed your blog more this morning after experiencing the winter blizzard with ‘snow lightning and thunder’ last night! I have risen to a heaping lot of snow but the sun is shining, creating a beautiful winter delight! So very pretty!
    Your blog lit me up….the flowers were fantastic! I have never seen red freesia, beautiful! The roses, wild calla lilies, all of the flowers, the trail made me smile broadly! Pat and Dawn look like sisters…LOL! The group photo spoke volumes about your beautiful hike, camaraderie and your love of nature, all very infectious! You have made my day! ❤️
    Now, where’s my shovel?


    1. Very happy to have made you smile and feel happy. Don’t you be putting that back out with snow shovels. Call in some of the many favours form all those “young-uns” around you


  3. What a great blog this morning. I just finished a 3 km walk on the beach and then kayaked for 30 mins. How lovely to sit with a Pina Colada and enjoy your blog. I only had to look at the pic of the freesias and I could smell them in my mind. So many beautiful flowers in your blog and looks like you had another wonderful day!


    1. Sounds as if you too are having a wonderful vacation. I hope it’s all perfect. We have another day of on and off rain today with nipply winds. Hasn’t been a great year for weather but at least we don’t have to shovel it. Love and Hugs


      1. We met two Canadian couples from Ontario. Very nice! They have been traveling for 30 years and now looking for a place to go for few months every year. They have been to Portugal few times and considered it but ruled it out due to too cold during winter and water too cold. Lol They are looking at Jamaica. We are enjoying it. Excellence is great! Food very good and entertainment every night that is also good. Gorgeous weather!

        Liked by 1 person

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