Querença Chorizo Festival

Today we headed into the mountains to attend the annual chorizo (home-made sausage…..lots of paprika).  São Luís is the town’s (Querença) patron saint of animals, and the festival evolved from the tradition whereby locals offer gifts of homemade chorizos in exchange for the saint’s protection of their livestock.  I love this kind of thing and am so happy that it continues in many places in Europe.  In my many travels in Italy I have stumbled on many of them….my favourite being a chestnut festival in the town of Soriano nel Cimino!!!

The festival was to start at 11h00 and we arrived around 11h45.  It wasn’t as well attended as last year, and a few less vendors, but nonetheless…..we four Canadians thoroughly enjoyed it.

We enjoyed a stroll through town, checking out a few side roads, country paths and the occasional interaction with locals before getting in our respective line-ups for food.

The line up for food was quite long, and not well organized but who cares.  The objective was to mingle, have fun. people watch, eat good food and eventually we got to that.  Pat, Gary and I had chorizo on bread while Marc opted for chicken.  That meant two different lines, in two very different areas but as fate would have it, we all got our food within minutes of each other and found a ledge on the church wall that wasn’t occupied and enjoyed our meals.

A wonderful time had by all.  Sadly Gary is coming down with some sort of bug and has been tucked in bed since arriving home.  Marc, Patricia and I have just finished a lovely risotto (I was on cooking duty) and now the final sips of vino, the mellow jazz and the stillness of night keep us company…….until tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Querença Chorizo Festival

  1. Wow, Jean-Claude is practically drooling on my iPad ! Love the large datura blooms and the shrimp blooms. And yes I do have a sweet tooth, so next time get me a piece of that orange loaf!


    1. You would be competing with Marc for the sweet things. He is working very hard to avoid them this year and have a “treat” once every few weeks. Desserts here in Portugal are amazing I’m told. Mostly almond flour, honey instead of sugar and the cinnamon tastes like no other.


  2. It looks like you all had another wonderful day in Portugal.

    I love the little back lanes and forest paths! Those are the ones I’d love to wander about on. It all looked so beautiful and lush.

    I’ve never heard of a shrimp plant before. The blooms look like the leaves just changed colour at the end of the branch.

    Ummmm…. how could you not have a piece of that orange loaf????????????????? Oh Lord, it looks so moist and so yummy! Drool*

    I hope Gary feels better come morning.



    1. You’d probably get lost wandering around those little paths……we do!!!!


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