Ambling and Almonds

Poor Gary is still quite under the weather and opted to relax at home and take care of himself.  Pat, Marc and I decided to head to São Miguel and enjoy whatever pace the heat and our individual energy allowed.  A lovely morning of ambling.

Once we came down we popped into the pharmacy in Moncarapacho to pick up a bottle of industrial strength cough syrup for Gary then headed home and enjoyed a wonderful lunch on the patio in the sunshine then we all fell into various states of hypnotic relaxation.  It’s so easy in this warmth, especially after a lengthy hike, to find yourself wanting to nod off a little.

Around 15h00, Patricia and I decided to walk over to Restaurante do Campo for a bica and from there we took a very spontaneous stroll into Quelfes, a few more kms up the road!

Cioppino is a fish stew and yesterday Patricia made a large pot for our dinner this evening.   It’s slowly reheating at this moment.  How lucky we all are!!!!

6 thoughts on “Ambling and Almonds

  1. The first picture of Marcus and Patricia is a fun one. They are looking quite mischievous. Lil Buggers. LOL

    The Jonquil Paperwhites are lovely, I can only imagine the scent.

    LOL at ‘industrial’ strength cough syrup for Gary. If that doesn’t cure him, nothing will. I do hope he feels better soon.

    Oh the Vivenda Simão in Quelfes is a beautiful building. I love that shade of blue with the white. It’s so tranquil looking. Maybe I should paint my living room like that.

    LMAO Your impression of a Jonquil is a wee bit lacking brother of mine. hehehee. Perhaps if you had a white shirt with a dab of yellow in the middle? I’m thinking…. Wood Fairy. 🙂



  2. What a glorious day! I’m motivated to try Sao Miguel with my new knee and walking sticks! Huffing and puffing all 411m! On my Bucket List!
    I bet Pat’s soup was fabulous…checked out some of recipes online…OMGossh! Having the benefit of the freshest of fish would make it all the better. No leftovers, I imagine!
    Hope Gary feels better soon; I empathize with him, a nasty cold sets us old geezers back a bit…or shall I say, ME back a bit!
    Loved the pic of Marc and Pat…and of course, all the flowers. My nose plugged just looking at them! LOL! xoxo


    1. I wouldn’t know anything first hand about old geezers…..I’m MUCH to young for that!!


  3. I forgot to mention…I love Marc’s fabulous T-shirt!!!


    1. Lisboa during our trip. A place we visit each time we are there in hopes something in the store speaks to us. I too got a lovely one but haven’t worn it yet.


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