Gorgeous São Miguel, Azores

São Miguel is the biggest island in the Portuguese Azores archipelago. It’s well known for its volcanic scenery, flora and rich marine life.  We had the enormous pleasure of spending four days there and almost from our arrival, I knew I would want to return.

We arrived around noon on Tuesday and spent the afternoon exploring the town of Ponta Delgada, which is the capital of the entire Azores.  The climate is considered sub-tropical, and if that’s so, I can’t imagine being in tropical!!!

On our second day we were picked up at 9h00 and returned at 17h00.  Had a private tour and it was worth every penny we spent.  I had done research and after reading many reviews and articles, I opted to book us with  http://www.azoresprivatetours.com/en    Our guide, and owner of the business was Rui Medeiros and what a wonderful find.  We couldn’t have been in better hands.

It was an overcast day and so flexibility was the word of the moment.  Rui made a few suggestions, we all said yes, and off we headed for a day of exploration.

Our last full day on the island was a day of wandering, visiting a couple of fantastic gardens, exploring Ponta Delgada in more detail and a bit more aimlessly now that we were comfortable with the directions etc..  It rained heavy in the morning but we were tired and happy to hang out at home enjoying a lazy time and breakfast.  By the time we were ready to go, it had cleared nicely.

I know I haven’t said much about the trip, I could go on and on but I decided to let the photos speak for themselves.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Azores, don’t hesitate.  They are covered in wonderful walking/hiking trails, which is why I would like to return.  And we will someday!!!

10 thoughts on “Gorgeous São Miguel, Azores

  1. Thanks so much for a wonderful tour of the Azores! It brought back lots of great memories of a bus tour I did a few years ago – a port of call on a Transatlantic cruise. It is truly such a lush and green island.


    1. You would have loved it Joannie…..such a gorgeous place.


  2. Such a beautiful place. Loved all of your pictures. I especially loved those huge trees/roots. So impressive. Thanks for sharing…


    1. This was an amazing trip Erika……..I can’t wait to go back.


  3. Beautiful depiction of the Azores by photo! And you all look so happy despite the weather! Now Rui……wow!


      1. Definitely eye candy!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. All I see here on the beach are retired old geesers!


      1. Are you fishing for a compliment??

        Liked by 1 person

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