Oh How Mighty The Sun Is!

Our housekeeper was arriving today and as we like to “get out of the way” and let her do her thing, Patricia suggested a drive to Vila Real de Santo António for a walkabout and maybe a poke or two in some of the outlets…..it’s the town to visit for anything cloth.  And so, off we headed.

The day was sunny and bright, a cloud or two around that looked as if it might dampen us a bit, but generally, gorgeous.

We had a place in mind for lunch, one we had eaten at before and is off the beaten tourist path.  We headed in that direction and found it, or at least thought we had.  Turns out it is under new management, today was their first day to be opened and WE were their first customers.   A lovely couple, he cooks, she waits tables.  We enjoyed a wonderful chat with them and at the end of the meal he brought a bottle of Port to the table with four glasses.  I wasn’t drinking (driving) and it was suggested that he join us in a drink and he did!  Poured a tiny portion for himself and we toasted to his restaurant and longevity.  I love moments like this.  Restaurante Panela Magica…Rue Ministro Duarte Pacheco…he’s not on TripAdvisor just yet as he has to wait to be approved.

Of course all big meals demand more walking and wandering……otherwise we would all weight a ton while living here.

On the way home we decided to head into Cacela Vela for a walk, a look and maybe a beverage of some sort, just to continue to enjoy the sunshine and the day.  After all, the only thing we had to get home for was NOTHING!

A wonderful end to a wonderful day………..the sunshine rejuvenates…………and motivates.  And with that in mind I leave you with this wonderful face….there are stories galore here.


2 thoughts on “Oh How Mighty The Sun Is!

  1. I really enjoy living vicariously through you folks….I am happy that the sun has come out for you…I’m happy that you are happy❤️☀️


    1. Thanks Juice. Life IS grand for sure. You don’t seem to be doing too badly yourself. Hugs from Portugal


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