Sunday Morning Stillness

One of the elements that I have always loved and enjoyed about being in Portugal is how Sunday unfolds.  It’s very much a family day here, actually family “day” starts at noon on Saturday and goes until Monday morning!  Sunday is usually very still and quiet for much longer in the morning than any other day.  Yes the roosters still crow and the birds still sing but, you don’t hear cars starting up or people walking down the street while calling out to each other.  It’s very different and quite lovely rhythm.

Because our day yesterday was so full, we had decided that today would be low-key with a little extra lay in, a lazier (is that possible) breakfast than usual and more than likely, moving at a snail’s pace.   Perfection!!

I decided to head out on a walk and make the square my destination for 12h30, where I would meet up with Marc for lunch.  Marc opted to stay at home and putter, something he loves to do…….it usually translates into a lovely compote being prepared, some preparation for the evening meal and progress on his art.

The scent of the nespera (louquat) is so intoxicating today you can literally taste it in the air.  Beautiful.  I noticed that all the trees are now in full bloom, which is not exceptionally pretty as the flowers are small and turn brownish quickly, but scent…spectacular.


I had stumbled across a small farm road a week or so ago and had promised myself that I would explore it on one of my many jaunts….today was the day and I was not disappointed.  As they say, all roads lead to Rome!!  Well now I know exactly where this one leads and Marc will be delighted as it’s a lovely loop, mostly off the main road and quite scenic.

I was so enjoying my walk that I was suddenly surprised to hear the church bells sound the noon hour.  I was quite a distance from the square so hurried off to get there and stumbled on a flea market that I had not seen advertised.  A quick, and photoless visit then off to the square.  I still made it before Marc arrived.

The restaurant was quite busy today, which is wonderful for Ana and Simão, and that meant that we didn’t linger as usual as we wanted to free up the table for prospective customers.  We took a circuitous route home as I wanted Marc to see a particular cactus that was in partial bloom.

A perfectly wonderful day, just as we had envisioned.  We returned home and I curled up on the terrace with my book and ipod while Marc continued a piece of art he is currently creating…….amazing colours…….I do believe the Portugal sky is his current muse!

On our way back from our lunch we took a small side street that is off our normal route…..delighted to find the following.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Stillness

  1. Hey Rand…always on the hunt for new trails.


    1. Love finding where the tiny roads around here lead! Makes for variety in my daily walks.


  2. The thistle blooms are gorgeous!


    1. Thanks Bonbon, they were gorgeous in person! I stood and looked at them for quite some time. The red was very rich and deep in colour. I love being here and seeing the newness of each day in the flora and fauna world.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nothing like a lazy day, the whole mindset is different, content and relaxed. Different from the other days of the week, Sunday is its own special day.

    I love those beautiful thistles, what a gorgeous colour. The yellow hibiscus is really lovely.

    Awww, pretty kitty, glad to see that Its inside. Lol

    That chicken looks delicious, toss me a piece will ya?

    The picture of the strawberries is so lovely.

    Sounds like you both had a beautiful day. I had a lazy day here too, but not beautiful like yours, Its been raining off and on. Sigh* Even the dogs refuse to go out.

    Keep sending sunshine and beauty my way please.

    Love you both.


    1. I too liked the photo of the strawberries. It was fun to stumble on them. If I could bottle up some sunshine and send it your way I certainly would. Guess I’ll simply have to keep sending it via the blog. Love to you from both of us.


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