Loulé Market

We had saved today to head to Loulé for our first time this trip in hopes that it would be festive and fun.  We enjoyed wandering around the market itself but more so, to explore the Santa village and enjoy a walk around town.  It was certainly festive and the bright sunny day brought people out in droves.  The air was filled with energy, laughter and we loved watching the many encounters with folks, probably seeing each other for the first time in a while.

We had already pre-ordered lunch at Ana and  Simão’s, and were looking forward to it and so, we headed back to Estoi, stopped to gas up on the route and arrived at the square just before 13h00.  Turns out Marion and David plus Susie and Gus showed up as well so as per usual, loads of laughter and conversation.  We continually count our blessings.

As we sat after lunch, nursing our bicas and gabbing, I happened to notice something slowly moving near the tables……it made some people uncomfortable but, it’s harmless, just large!!!

Banded Garden Spider. Their webs can reach a diameter of about 60 cm. The length of the web depends on the size of the spider, capable of reaching a total length of 2 meters.

And that’s how our day unfolded.  We are pottering at home right now, a fire is lit, purely for ambiance although I love the warmth it provides  (pitfalls of medication….I’m always cool).  We have a “date” this evening for a porto or vino and until then, simple relaxation.

5 thoughts on “Loulé Market

  1. Ain’t life grand. Thanks for all the amazing pictures and expressions of joy while you are on your trip.


    1. If you want to see expressions of joy, I will get Marc to take a photo of me later eatin presunto chips!

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  2. Lovely day at the Loulé Market!

    As for the spider, it should be grateful it was you who came across him and not me!


      1. I thought it might have been the zoom on your camera??

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