Spring Continues to Spring!!

The feature photo is our tiny wall of jasmine!!   The scent is at times overwhelming but still, amazing to us as it signifies the continuation of the lengthy spring we have come to expect and enjoy here in Portugal.  We keep a few small sprigs here in the apartment, just enough to enjoy and not overpower.

The days are getting longer and the warmth continues into the early evening although the expected nip in the air eventually shows up.  With the warming of the days,  I expect in a few years I will look exactly like this……..


Warmer days mean longer lingers over lunch on patios or relaxing in the various “squares” that invite lingering.

Marc had an appointment in Tavira this morning, to visit a gallery where he just might have a few pieces hanging before we head back to Canada.

While Marc chatted, I wandered.   There is always something wonderful to see and enjoy and of course, the light and shadows always call out to me.

I have old friends from my days in London, Ontario, who arrived in Tavira yesterday.   What a true delight it was to connect with them, introduce Marc and spend a wonderful few hours together catching up and enjoying lunch.  Say hello to Rod and Alan.

IMG_1216 They have a beautiful apartment right on the Rio Gilão, which meant a short walk across the river to one of our favourites,  Zeca da Bica, for lunch.   Of course no walk goes without something to photograph!

The combination of the sun, the vinho, good company, lots of chattering etc. wore all of us out a little and given Marc is still recovering from his vertigo shortly after lunch we called it a day and headed for home.  Freshly washed sheets dancing in the breeze were waiting for us……..we’re like two little kids the night we have fresh sheets on the bed, and also the wonderful sight of newly formed almonds.  It doesn’t take long for them to show up and it always feels to us as if they appear overnight.   Mother Nature’s wonderful touch!


10 thoughts on “Spring Continues to Spring!!

  1. Another great adventure to add to your ever expanding “book of life”.


    1. The gospel according to Saint Randolph!!


  2. It looks like another delightful day!
    Hello Rod and Alan 🙃


    1. I think we all get to live pretty “delightful” days here in sunny Portugal. Yours did not look to bad at all!

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  3. Thanks for the restaurant suggestion. We arrived in Tavira this evening. Can’t wait to explore. Btw, I love your blog.


    1. Thanks Donna and Bem vindo!!!! We were in Tavira today.


  4. Such a beautiful day there. Why is it that the blue of the sky seems to be a deeper blue from our blue sky????? I think perhaps it’s all the vibrant and strikingly beautiful colours that are abundant in each picture along with that blue, they just make the colour pop more. Plus the fact that our skies have just the reflection of snow right now … well Let me say no more. *lol*

    The jasmine looks lovely. I wish I had some to put in my little flower jug for the table. The scent would be amazing I’m sure.

    That’s a lovely picture of Marc and Diane!

    I’m so happy for Marc! I hope his art is hanging on the walls of that shop very soon! My goodness, his work will be traveling all over the place!! Hehehee

    The black/white building that appealed to you, it’s the lovely little balcony that grabbed my attention straight away. How pretty and quaint. The tiled doorway before it stood out to me as well, but not for just the tiles but the fact that someone took the time to put food and water out for the animals. I love that.

    The flowering maple and hibiscus are beautiful. You guys are so spoiled to have such beauty all around you there.

    How wonderful that your friends, Rod and Alan are there. I hope they have an amazing time. If your delicious looking lunch and adventures were a kick start to their holiday, then I’d say it certainly started out the right way.

    Love and Hugs.


    1. The sky truly is that blue, and most of the time, cloudless. It’s something that people mention all the time, especially the Portuguese. I forgot to mention that so many people put out food and water for the animals. It’s quite common here to see, especially, food for the cats. I think having them around keeps rodents away and therefore people feed them. It’s wonderful.


  5. It really was such a pleasure seeing you again and meeting Marc (after reading about him on this blog for years). And thank you both for walking us through so much of Tavira, pointing out the sights. I know I’ll get lost without you, but I do have a map now! Zeca da Bica was a lovely spot for lunch which we enjoyed so much. Glad the sheets dried!!

    On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 5:26 PM Marc and Randys Travel Adventures wrote:

    > canadianboystravel posted: “The feature photo is our tiny wall of > jasmine!! The scent is at times overwhelming but still, amazing to us as > it signifies the continuation of the lengthy spring we have come to expect > and enjoy here in Portugal. We keep a few small sprigs here in the” >


    1. The pleasure my friend was all ours. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and we both love to share our love of, and information regarding, Portugal………we are however starting to limit that as way too many people are coming and the ripple effect is bringing in to many tourists!!! LOL… We want to try and conserve the tranquility that we love so much.


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