A restless night for both of us meant a slower than usual day today! I guess however that’s relative.

Marc spent the morning making a huge pot of aromatic tomato sauce with about two dozen meatballs, the place smelled heavenly. I got out the vacuum and tacked the apartment then swept the terrace and the front patio and steps and then, I grabbed my camera, the garbage, and headed up to the recycle bins.

This little face, along with one other, was huddled on a window ledge, the window popped open a couple of inches. The one took off as soon as I spoke but this little one hung around for a bit. It turned out to be a “cat morning” for me.
I was taking a photo of the mountains when I had the sense I was being watched. I turned and looked up and there, staring at me, were five jet black cats. I think a mother and four babies. Three of the smaller ones took off as soon as I raised my camera but the mom and list little show off stuck around.

The day kept going from blazing sun to dark threatening clouds to big fluffy cotton candy clouds. There was a wind, which at times had a bite, however no precipitation at all which allowed me to enjoy a lengthy walk.

We had a few things on our grocery list and as I said, not a lot of energy, which gave us the idea to drive into Olhão, park and walk around, which ended up including buying bread at our favourite bakery and then very spontaneously, enjoying pizza and beer on a seaside terrace. Just what the soul needed today.

Arriving home I found that I had a burst of energy and decided to take advantage and headed out for another walk, which turned into 8.5 km, great for digesting my fabulous pizza. I wandered a few farming roads/lanes that I had yet to visit since arriving and at times it felt as if I was all alone in the world. Happily the big yellow orb kept me company.

As I turned up a small farm road to head back towards the main area I noticed the Roman ruins, the hills surrounding Estoi, and the many many orange trees bending in fruit, just waiting to be picked or fall to the ground. I thought it would make a lovely closing vista for today. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Meanderings

  1. I hope you pilfered a few orange…well at least one for the walk home 🙂


    1. WE have two lovely, and very full trees, right here beside the pool. I’ve been cooking with them but I think one might get eaten tomorrow. Now if only I could reach the avocados!!!


  2. You meandered well on your “slow” day! Love the floral pictures.


    1. It really was a slow day for us. Right now I’m enjoying a G&T made with a new Bombay blackberry gin. Yum


  3. Hey Marc, please bring me a couple of your meatballs. Sound delicious. If I’m out tomorrow will bring you avacado. Love the photo of Olhao market on a non market day. Gus and I used to go there frequently. Bringing back memories for me. Walk on Man. You exhaust me just thinking of the k.m.’s. Hey – you know me. ha ha ha.


    1. Hey Susie Q…..Yes, the market looks wonderful all naked like that, doesn’t it? Maybe you should come for a walk with me one day??? LOL


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