Fim de Semana Relaxante

For me, weekends here in the Algarve feel like the weekends did when I was a kid. I’m always acutely aware that it’s Saturday and Sunday yet at home, I rarely know what day of the week it is! Most things here shut down around noon on Saturday and from then till Monday morning it’s family time. You see it on the terraces, patios, and in the restaurants. I personally love it.

This morning, when we got up, it was only 4 degrees!!! That’s the coldest I’ve ever know it while being here. Of course by 10 it was 15 degrees and I’ve just come in from having lunch by the pool wearing only shorts as it’s 18 degrees. Now you know why I love it here.

As this is the 2nd Sunday in the month, it was market day here in Estoi. Joanne had never been to this particular market, and Marc and I love to go whenever it’s on, simply to absorb the energy, see all the activity and products, and feel like locals.

Time evaporates when we are here as we are so taken with absorbing everything and constantly calling out to each other to “come see”. Before we knew it it was noon and we were heading home…..a bag of fresh dried oregano, a jar of tiger balm, a bag of almonds, and a large bag of local field tomatoes.

And because I’m asked about our meals at home…last night’s feast

And finally, in closing, I bought Marc an identical outfit today as a surprise. And won’t he be!!!

12 thoughts on “Fim de Semana Relaxante

  1. How civilized!!! I love the fact that things shut down for the weekends so everyone gets to enjoy family time.
    Love the flowers as always and could just close my eyes and feel the atmosphere and hear the sounds of the market place. I was with you in spirit!!


  2. Love market days! Love the scarves, would have had a hard time leaving them there! Did you really buy that outfit for Marc??


    1. Of course not……but don’t you think he wouldn’t look great in it?


      1. You would have to have the shoes too!

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      2. I think it would be a great outfit for Marc. The pattern reminds me a bit like the fleur de lis from Quebec!

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  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful descriptions…makes me feel like I am reading a best selling novel and I am fully immersed. Take me to Sunday market next month again and any lingering Christmas pics would warm my heart. 🥰💚


  4. You are such a tease! I am drooling! I know you and Marco will choose the perfect one for me! Market looks fabulous as always…yummy figs! I wish I had some decent tomatoes for tomato salad but will have to wait patiently!
    Loved the laundry photo!I The idiom, “Airing out your dirty laundry” originates from a French proverb ‘One should wash one’s dirty laundry at home.’ Used by Napoleon. This is one for our collection! Hugs xoxo


    1. No shopping this year. No expectation, no disappointment.


  5. We love this market as we can simply wander Dow, stay as long as we like, the wander home. Hassle free.


  6. Great blog today and loved seeing the market pictures! That tomato salad looked to so good. Tomatoes aren’t great here this time of year, but if I could find some Kumato tomatoes, it would be tasty.


    1. Happily we have the tomatoes year round here, for which we are both happy. We eat that salad two or three times a week


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