Close to Home is Good

A morning of domestic bliss, a lovely lunch in the sunshine on our terrace, then a drive to spend the afternoon, and evening, with Pat and Gary. In my books, pretty perfect.

Pat and Gary have a lovely villa that sits “mais ou menos” at the middle of a triangle. If Fuzeta was in one corner, Moncarapacho in another, and Estoi in the final one, then they rest almost in the middle. They have discovered a few lovely walking routes to various destinations and today we had decided to walk from their place to a lovely café, Marietta’s, and enjoy some time on the terrace. Marc had opted to stay at P&G’s and continue some of his gallery research online while we wandered in and out of farm road exploration. Wandering these old roads and discovering where they end up is pure joy for me and with P&G having done all the grunt work, this was even more fun. And, speaking of grunt work

Cold little noses pushed through the fence for a rub. Happy grunting and wagging tails. Poor Moma, at least one was always nosediving in for a teat.

Despite the dry weather these old dirt roads remain relatively dust free. If by chance a vehicle does come along, for the most part they slow down completely and I like to think it’s not only to avoid running us over but also to minimize any dust that they might create.

This place had a sign that indicated it was a rental home. Lovely calling card in the form of a full sized amphora and large terra cotta letters immersed in the wall.

Mother Nature has blessed us with yet a few more happy and perky faces showing up to dazzle us with their colour and beauty.

The sounds of laughing children and a very tired mother echoed from inside the house. I loved the attention to the colour design.
The broom is starting to explode all along these old roads and the mountains. Such a vibrant splash of yellow.

WE make a wonderful hiking group as we all enjoy the exploration and discovering what might be around every corner.

Once we arrived back at Villa Diana we settled in on one of the terraces to relax as we were invited to stay for dinner. I am truly blessed in my life to have such a wonderful group of the most amazing friends and Pat and Gary are very high on that list. Pat and I met on my 21st birthday and given I will be 67 in just a few weeks, you can do the math.

A wonderful evening, great food, marvelous company, many good chuckles, a few belly laughs, a great game of Newfie Poker followed two games of Scat and finally, a short drive home and here we are, ready to call it a night. Another wonderful day in the Algarve. Life as we know it is simply grand.

Boa noite para todos vocês

10 thoughts on “Close to Home is Good

  1. You ar1 very happy person in this so called world portugal is a splendid
    country all the pretty flowers and trees etc. Then you have all your wonderful friends, you deserve all that and more l hope you will always enjoy your life to the fullest.


    1. Yes, life is grand for me as it should be for all.


  2. A cheerful break from the Freedom Truck Convoy here in Ottawa….enjoy


    1. LOL. What it mess it all looks from a distance and filtered by journalists!


  3. Lovely pictures once again and you definitely have such a flare for describing the wonderful things you see along your hiking paths. I know how you feel when it comes to friends – we are in Florida with good friends we met in 1975. No feeling like it – life is better with great friends. Keep those blogs coming. ❤️


    1. Thanks Connie……friends are the jewel in this life we get to live. I love that you are following along.


  4. And Gary and I so enjoyed our day with you, Marc and Joanne. Looking forward to many more. Let the good times roll on. By the way, your pics came out wonderful. Keep snapping.


    1. We do live full and robust lives, all the time but especially here in Portugal where we can be out and about so much. We must have been good people in previous lives to have the gift of this lifetime!


  5. It sure looked and felt like a perfect day to me, well captured in your photos and commentaries, as always! Good friends are like family and sometimes one can’t tell the difference!


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