Loop de Loop

You might recall that the last time Joanne and I attempted to circumvent the Cerro da Cabeça we didn’t get to finish it as we took a side trip that set us back in our timing AND we had a date that we had to get home for PLUS we didn’t know whether or not it was a looped trail. A couple of days later I managed to find a map of the trail online and it was in fact a loop. Well, today was the day the loop was accomplished along with the company of Pat and Gary.

You might also recall that I mentioned hunting days in the Algarve being Thursday and Sunday and that the season officially ended January 31st? Well it seems that not everybody got the memo on that!!!! We didn’t actually encounter hunters on our side of the mountain but all around us the air rang from time to time with guns firing. We all might have ducked a time or two just in reaction but we felt safe enough to continue.

At the first peak, where the lookout is, we took a well deserved break as by then it was necessary. We were all peeling off layers of clothing from the decent sweat we had worked up climbing,and we were only 20 minutes in!

From this point the trail was basically up and down and all around the face of the mountain. Our initial perspective was having the south side to our back as we climbed and then we headed west .

The path was such that you really needed to pay attention to where you were stepping as the rocks could roll quickly beneath your feet. That’s one of the reasons we usually carry a walking stick or baton of sorts.

This frog was gigantic……one on each fence post. Surrounded by olive trees, a contrast in green!

All in all a wonderful walk/hike and frankly, a perfect day for it. The temperature was around 20 but there was a frequent cloud cover which made it feel a bit cooler. On a hot cloudless day we would have wilted.

We had made plans to return to Estoi after the hike and join Marc in the main square for lunch. He had confirmed with Elsa that the prato da dia was  entrecosto no forno (ribs baked in the oven) and had preordered for the five of us. It give a whole new meaning to “finger licking good”!

What a life we get to live!! The walk back to the house provided a few photo opportunities then I drove P&G home, Joanne and I made a side trip to pick up local olive oil then home again.

While at the olive oil factory I popped into the green house to have a look at some of the flora……oh to have my own garden here!!!! There’d be no stopping me.

And last but certainly not least, the fields are popping with dancing margarites…I love them.

2 thoughts on “Loop de Loop

  1. Lovely blog! Your opening picture! Wow! The dew on those gorgeous, multi coloured petals…a beautiful thing.
    Everyone except Joanne looks a bit tuckered out after that initial climb. Had I been there you’d have had to pull me up any kind of incline. LOL
    How you all managed to get over some of that very rocky terrain without twisting an ankle or knee it beyond me.

    I love the rock walls! The look of them mixed with the history or work that went into building them is amazing to me.

    Aahhh the beautiful Cistus!! I just love the Cistus. The crumpled, paper thin look they have is so pretty.

    The huge frogs had me grinning. Can you imagine seeing them here, in Canada? LOL I love it. I love the beautiful mix of bright colours on the homes, the strategically places tiles, and artwork found everywhere. It’s seems so warm and welcoming.

    Lunch, as always, looked delicious! All those happy and contented faces afterward proved that it was.

    Love the shot of the kitty in the window and the beauty of the angel keeping watch over the children.

    I absolutely love the Aechemea!!! The close up view is stunning!

    What a wonderful way to live your lives, all that beauty around you, the peace and quiet. I only wish.
    Keep on enjoying, and posting about, every minute of it! Some of us here in the tundra need it. 😄


    1. WOW…now that’s feedback! LOL. I’m happy you enjoy the blog so much and yes, all the things you’ve pointed out or mentioned are absolutely true. Wish you could see it all in person but you’d never make it up those hills. I love you.


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