São Miguel has been Calling

I love being retired and having the luxury of doing whatever I want, whenever I want. Getting up in the morning to a gorgeous sunny day but a cooler than expected temperature and having zero commitments, allowed us to simply stay in our jammies sipping coffee until we felt it was warm enough for our Canadian sensibilities, to head off for a first hike up the 411 meters of São Miguel, a frequent and favourite hike.  

Both Joanne and I were in our element today with this hike. We didn’t see another person until on the way down. The birds were complaining of our presence constantly and I frightened at least two pairs of grouse, who flew wildly into the air over my head, squawking the entire time. I did see a rabbit, my first of this trip, which was interesting given we were having rabbit for dinner tonight!

We arrive home around 13h00, in time for lunch then Marc and I made a quick trip to the tiny local bakery Joanne and I had stumbled on the other day. Fresh bread, fresh chorizo buns, and a special treat of almond/honey/butter paper thin wafers for Patricia.

One of the things we do regularly is share social evenings with our small “community” of friends. We had already enjoyed a lovely meal at James’ place, another at Pat and Gary’s, and tonight we had invited all of them here.

This lovely bottle of champagne had been gifted to us by our “landlord” and we had saved it for a special moment. This certainly felt special to us and I think it safe to say, appreciated by all. We relaxed on our terrace for some time enjoying catching up and the sunshine before heading in to dinner. prepared by Joanne and Marc.

Beets with feta cheese and walnuts served on a bed of lettuce with a tangy vinaigrette followed by rabbit baked with prunes/mushrooms/pancetta/a medley of herbs and served with multigrain quinoa. A large salad and a plate of Portuguese cheeses ended the meal. Many appreciative comments and several very full and happy bellies. What fun.

We ended the night with a rousing game of Oh Shit, won by Joanne, followed by a game of Newfie Poker, won by Patricia. The boys have been beaten! And now, with our tails between our legs, bedtime calls.

Outro dia nos espera amanhã.

14 thoughts on “ São Miguel has been Calling

  1. Now that sounded like a fabulous day from start to finish. Your dinner had my mouth watering. Loved all the pics, as usual. I love seeing the various flowers and their names. How wonderful to have a group of friends to share life with! You are a lucky man!!


    1. Yes, I am very happy in my life and am thrilled that I have such long term friendships. Pat and I will know each other for 47 years on my birthday! You’d enjoy these walks very much, I think of you all the time when I am walking.


  2. Wild party animals!! Ha!


    1. We sure are, we almost lasted till 10!!!! LOL


  3. What a lovely day! Your first selfie was awesome, not only was it a great ‘selfie’ but an amazing background as well.
    I loved seeing you all together at home! How crazy is it that you all get together more in Portugal than you do when you’re all in Canada!! LOL
    The pictures of you all are really nice. So many beautiful smiles! I see some of you are already getting your, sun warmed, Portuguese faces. It looks wonderful too. So healthy looking.
    The mention of paperwhites made me wish I’d bought some when I was at the store yesterday. I saw them and considered buying them but didn’t. Maybe I’ll get them next time.
    Only you ‘retired’ people would think that a Monday was special enough for champagne! LOL I’m surprised you didn’t save it to pop open on the first day of your birthday month. Hahaha

    Love and hugs to all.


    1. I stopped drinking on January 1st and right now I’m giving it a rest until I’m not!!! My birthday month will probably be a dry one. Yes, we sure do appreciate the fact that we can spend so much time together here as we all live so far apart in Canada..


  4. Warm sunshine sounds bliss it’s so cold here today. Are you an expert on wild flowers or do you Google them.


    1. I’m not an expert but I know many of them from the many years of being here. My friend Pat however is a literal walking encyclopedia with the Latin names et al. I keep her close when walking. LOL. Sending you some sunshine from our paradise

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  5. What a wonderful day…energetic and celebratory! I would have loved Joanne and Marc’s rabbit dinner and ‘Oh Shit’ is great fun! The best part is being with good friends!
    The Iberian Milk Vetch is very pretty; I don’t remember it. Always love flower photos and learning their names is even better!
    What a great way to start my day with a coffee and your blog! 🤗


    1. I love the milk vetch, we have it in Canada as well but I think it’s a slightly different variety. So happy you enjoy my ramblings…both physical and verbal!


  6. Great photos of your flowers today along what looks like a challenging hike! Great evening of great friends and food to follow. It is always fun playing those cards games!


    1. Yes I seem to recall one or two card games with you here also!!


  7. I am salivating!


    1. By the time you get here we’ll all be worn out and tired of each others company and will expect you to cook and entertain us!!!


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