Twas a morning of on again off again showers, warmer temperatures, and the promise of both heat and that big golden orb by mid afternoon and by Jove, they didn’t disappoint!!

I enjoyed my usual wandering around the property, and adjoining properties, checking for whatever gift Mother Nature saw fit to bestow overnight, a trip to Sao Bras and the grocery store, interspersed with vacuuming the house and cleaning out the car! A busy and totally productive morning.

The sun did shine, and the warmth did show up and that motivated Joanne and I to head out on a decent walk up and down a couple of mountain paths on the hunt for orchids. Success.

We always take our doggie treats in our pockets when we walk and today they came in handy as we had a couple of pooches follow us for some distance. One in particular stayed with us for about half our walk. We also had this large white cat quite curious about us and very talkative and off in the distance, the constant shriek of a male peacock.

Truly a lovely little jaunt especially with that warm bright sun kissing my happy face the entire walk. I swear I’m part lizard!

I don’t usually pick flowers, especially domestic ones that might be close to a property, but today, not far from home, in the middle of nowhere, there was a lovely cluster of the most heavenly scented freesia and given they were nowhere near any human habitat, I decided they were mine. I wish you could smell our main floor….actually, it’s probably all through the house!

Our friend, André, had returned from Lisboa with his friend Denise and we had invited them to come for dinner.

A wonderful time chatting, catching up, laughing, and making new memoires. Can’t believe yet another day is now behind us. Where does the time go?

4 thoughts on “Quinta-Feira

  1. Thanks for the great photos! Are you staying in-near Sao Bras? Our kids were there recently. I’d love the name of your accommodation. We may end up going there sometime in the future. 🙂 Hugs to Pat & Gary! Regards, Sue Fleming


    1. Thanks Sue. We are staying about 4 kms south of Sao Bras…….hope you do get to come here. Going hiking with P&G tomorrow and will pass along your greeings.


  2. Great blog as was yesterdays. Love the freesia and can only imagine the scent through the house. I loved the hibiscus in yesterdays blog and Mr. Owl. Happy the sun came out for you.


    1. Thanks, and yes, the house still smells amazing. What an amazing flower it is huh? Safe travels to you


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