Hiking Close to Home

It’s quite warm these days and any hiking that is going to be accomplished needs to start earlier in the day to allow us to be finished, and out of the sun, by noon. Don’t mistake that for a complaint…..this reincarnated lizard loves the sun and heat, it’s simply a fact and it’s healthier to be out of the midday sun.

That said, James and I, with Jackson in tow, headed off early this morning to enjoy the circular hike at Cerro da Cabeça, which is only about a 10 minute drive from here. Delightfully we had the entire trail to ourselves. We walked for two hours, enjoying a slow but steady pace and completed 7,45 km.

When I got out of the car I nearly stepped in this substantial patch of barberry nut. I delight in seeing their happy little faces dancing just above grass level.

Once we rounded the peak in the mountain and headed down the old farm roads on the southern side of the mountain it became evident quickly that all the meadows/fields were alive with the tall willowy margarites and coquelicot (daisies and poppies). They are everywhere!

People keep asking me to post a few more photos of the countryside, which I’m trying to do. I often find that photos don’t truly capture the beauty of what I am actually seeing but perhaps that’s just me. In any case, I’m responding with more photos of the landscape.

March has turned out to the “the” month for wildflowers this year. In my memory, which is not always trustworthy, it seems a bit late for some of them however, this particular month they are in abundance and although I’ve taken many flower photos, I find myself still in awe, still snapping away, and to my eye they are all slightly different.

James and I were both pooped by the end of the hike, the combination of sun and the need to remain vigilant the entire hike as the trail was peppered with small rocks that would slide quickly under your feet and take you with them, wore us out. Delighted we were with our exercise, including our tongues, which never stopped wagging!!

Once home we collected Marc and the three of us headed tor São Brás, parked ourselves on the patio at Forneria do Largo, just on the edge of the main square, and simply relaxed for a couple of hours with a wonderful pizza lunch. We all three kept pinching ourselves with this charmed life we are currently able to enjoy, especially given soon we will all be returning to the tail end of our Canadian winter and undoubtedly, snow still on the ground to greet us!! We’ll revel in the sunshine while we can.

6 thoughts on “Hiking Close to Home

  1. Another lovely hike! One week from today you will be heading home.. Don’t cry! Just take advantage of each day left and keep the beautiful pictures coming. I so love the flowers!


    1. Oh sure!!! Remind me and then tell me not to cry!!! Too late!!! LOL. I too love the flowers. The lawn is covered in tongue orchids, which should be open in another day or so. I’m keeping my eye on them as they are lovely and unique. Stay tuned.


  2. I am wishing you two a safe and uneventful trip back to Canada. It seems you just left! Anyway I am delighted that you had such a wonderful time. I love it here in Bali. Meg and I go back to Australia tomorrow with many wonderful memories. Take care huge hugs to you both x


    1. Thanks Beth, we still have 5 full days after today and we plan on being outside and enjoying them as much as we can. We’re delighted you ae with Meg and family and that you finally made it to Bali…….we’ll have to enjoy a wonderful gab fest when you get home. In the meantime, live every minute. Love and Hugs from us Canadian Boys.,


  3. Thanks, Randy, for all the great photos: the flowers, the landscape and the people. I will enjoy your posts while you enjoy the few remaining days of another lovely winter in the Algarve.


    1. Hey Andrea, Again, thanks for following along. I trust all is well in your corner of the world? Maybe you too will make it here next year to enjoy a stretch of sunshine. I wish I could bring it home with me!!


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