How The Time Flies By

Today we both felt a little “off” as our friends Pat and Gary head home to Canada tomorrow and of course, as our community starts to shrink it reminds us that our time too is winding down. As a result we both felt like hanging out around home and reveling in the sound of birds, walking around the property, pottering around the house and hanging out with each other.

My happiness exploded when I was enjoying my morning coffee on the terrace and happened to look out over the lawn and discovered a plethora of tongue orchids popping up all over the place. They should be in full bloom within the next few days but here is a preview of what they look like at the moment.

Just after lunch we decided to head into Sao Bras to run a couple of errands. The tourist information, which I needed to visit, was closed still from lunch and gave us a great excuse to sit on a favourite terrace, enjoy a coffee and treat, and people watch. All of those things are always fun. I don’t think I should share any of our discussions while people watching!!!

The sun was pretty intense today and sitting in the open was a tiny bit overwhelming so we opted to take a walk around the old part of Sao Bras until the information office opened.

A wonderful way to wile away a few hours and truly, it felt as if we had the village to ourselves at times as there were so few people on the streets. All in all, a great excursion.

6 thoughts on “How The Time Flies By

  1. Okay, so I’m sure it was a great day but all I could focus on was that huge piece of apple pie!


    1. LOL. It’s the only thing I will eat from time to time in the dessert world. This one was particularly good, not at all sweet and as you can see, filled with apples.


  2. Flowers never fail to put a smile on my face too. Looking forward to seeing that orchid in full bloom. The magnolias are starting to flower down here, so pretty. We are nearing the end of our time here also and although we’ve enjoyed it, I’m looking forward to home.


    1. I sense this is a different sort of vacation than what you normally do. I’m not at all ready to go home but accepting the fact that we must go. The wonderful thing is we are already all booked to come back in January and having that to look forward to helps me return home and settle in.


  3. You both have had a pretty wonderful adventure. We have really enjoyed the stories and spectacular pictures


    1. Thanks Ken. It delights me to know you are following along. Maybe next year you two will be in blog?????


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