Meditative Musings

As always happens, once our “community” starts to disperse and head home, I find myself in a quieter place, often reflective and pensive as I look back over the affinity, the magical moments, the sharing of friendship, and of course, the return to our Canadian home and all it holds near and dear to us. I’m comfortable in this place, thankfully, and with that frame of mind I took my trusty camera and enjoyed a slow easy walk around our property, a distance up the old farm road beside us, and climbing over old stone walls to explore meadows.

I was enjoying listening to the birds, and letting my feet take me where they wanted to go, aimlessly and in many ways, thoughtlessly. Of course many colourful faces popped out to greet me and make themselves known. Each of these following photos contain flowers that are no bigger than a Canadian quarter…think about that as you notice the intricacy in each.

The final leg, walking back up our long driveway, I noticed the setting sun throwing shadows all over the place. This one in particular stood out to me…….

I’m so grateful for all the many wonderful life experiences I am able to enjoy, share, and live.

Quarta-feira aproxima-se

8 thoughts on “Meditative Musings

  1. I love the shapes and shadows you captured against the stone wall. Looks like your weather is beautiful and hope it remains so for your final 5 days.


  2. It is gorgeous and that’s how it will be right up to our departure


  3. Great that you are making the most out of those moments in time while we reside on this planet. Live happy and free!


    1. I try every day….the free part sucks…..LOL


  4. What a lovely stroll you had today in the great sunshine & enjoying the lovely flora along the way. I spent part of my afternoon shovelling snow and cleaning off the car, as Mother Nature blessed us with @20 plus cm of snow overnight into the morning. Then the sun came out & it was lovely and starting to melt. I’m ready for ‘no more snow’. April showers are on the way for the next 2 days. Enjoy your last few days of sunshine!


    1. Joannie….s**w is a dirty word!!!!! Can’t mention it here in my blog!!! LOL. We were the recipients of a video from Ottawa last evening with the heavy s**w blowing and swirling while landing on the already deep piles of s**w that are still on the ground. Boo Hoo. You stay well and be careful to bend you knees while shoveling! LOL


  5. What a lovely blog, it put a big smile on my face! I share the same sentiment of gratitude as you do, feeling so blessed everyday! 🤗


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