Rendezvous and Rain

This morning we awoke to gray skies but no rain, at least not at that moment.  We had arranged to meet up with our friends from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in Tavira for lunch and once breakfast was cleared up, recycle taken to the bins, off we headed.

Arrived in Tavira, parked and as we had an hour before our “date” we headed off to enjoy a little wandering.  We all love this particular town.  I don’t think there is such a thing as “too many visits”.

As you can see, no rain!!  We delighted in this as it’s been a few days since we could enjoy being outside for any length of time.  We had our lunch date set up for 12h30 and headed off for Casa Simão to meet the others.  Turns out the train was running late but they eventually arrived.

Always lots of merriment, fun conversations, catching up, etc..  How wonderful to be able to spend time with old friends, especially in a foreign country.

Once done we headed off, us to head for home, the others to do a little shopping before catching their train.  As luck would have it, as we left the restaurant, it started to rain.  But oh my gosh……what a rainbow we created!!!!!!!!

Walking back to the car we passed a small gallery with an array of paintings, most of them fairly whimsical……..these two, in particular, delighted me.  They made me smile.

Then this lovely old door called out to me……….


And finally, just before arriving at the car………we looked up……..way up……..and there they were.


Not a sound, simply quizzical looks mixed with a bit of curiosity.   Deserving of a “snap”!!

And with that, the drive home in heavy rain.  Slow and steady wins the race.


9 thoughts on “Rendezvous and Rain

  1. Well Randy, you are going to need a barrette to keep your bangs from blocking the view soon! Love your photos and the photo of you all in colourful rain gear is precious!


    1. LOL, you aren’t kidding. I am contemplating how to manage these “bangs” for the next few months.


  2. Lovely photos of you all! Nice pics even on an overcast day – love the pics of little dogs. We narrowly escaped a strong nor’easter as it went SE of us. It did lots of damage to eastern US states. The road to Lawrence Beach is closed due to the ocean surge & supposed to continue tonight. Lovely sunny & 8C here on Halifax today.


    1. Hi Joannie, so happy you are getting some nice weather. We’ve had loads of rain, most I’ve ever seen in my many years of coming here. It’s needed so I will not complain!! Big Hugs


  3. Great pictures, you must have slipped one or two in from a different day as Gwen had a different top on in them!
    Looks like fun was had by all. You guys see more of each other there in Portugal than when you are all at home in Canada. LOL

    The group photo outside is great!!!

    Love the little dogs peeking out at you.

    The flowers are beautiful.

    You and Marc will soon have to get some headscarves or headbands to keep your hair back. {Of course there’s always the man bun.} Hehehee


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    1. Michèle Dextras March 4, 2018 — 12:02 am

      Oh, I love the idea of a man bun!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Randy, I laughed out loud when I saw what you consider whimsical art…’The Three Graces’ (OMG!) and Kim Kardashian’s arse! Quickly struck my funny bone…trust me, I needed it!
    Loved the group ‘rainbow’ pic! As for you and Marc’s hair, you’ll be the cutest ‘hippies’ I’ve ever seen!


    1. I knew they would make you laugh!!


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