Merging of the Days!

We’ve been here over a month now, which is impossible for us to realize but it is so.  This past few days we’ve had a few appointments to take care of, a little running around to do that has taken us in and out of  Olhão and today, Armação de Pêra.  It makes the days fly by and in some ways, merge one into the other.  It’s a good thing we take photos so we can look back and remember what we’ve been up to!!

Monday evening we went into Olhão a bit early, just before dusk, as we were meeting Ana and Simão for drinks and dinner.  We decided to explore a little and enjoy a little exploration before meeting up. What a great idea it was.

We met up with Ana and Simão near the harbour, enjoyed a lovely gin and tonic beside the sea then headed further “inland” for dinner.  We had a feast but sadly my photos did not capture it well at all so you’ll have to trust me when I tell you it was a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.  We enjoy all the moments we spend with Ana and Simão and this was no exception.


Next morning we had to head back to Olhão.  We parked the car and walked into the old part of town, down a few roads we had not yet taken.  We lucked out in that we stumbled on a jacaranda tree that still contained large clusters of flowers….very unusual this time of the year.


Tuesday evening we had Harald and Bela over for dinner and enjoyed a wonderful evening together.  The more time we spend together, the more we learn about each other.  They are wonderful friends and fabulous neighbours.

This morning Marc had an appointment in Armação de Pêra.  He officially joined The Algarve Society of Artists ( and was meeting up to pay his annual membership, meet a couple of folks and pick up an information package.  We decided to head there early, park and enjoy a walk about.  We’ve been to this town before but usually for the Santa Swim on Christmas Day.

As well as a long crescent shaped beach there are a series of smaller coves to the west, all carved into the ochre sandstone cliffs that are so typical of the Algarve coast.  Like other resorts on the Algarve, there is a mix of the old and the new in Armação de Pêra, although it might be more than a little bit of a challenge to find too many reminders of the village’s past.   It’s safe to say this is a “tourist resort” and this time of year, pretty darn empty.  Which was great for us!

By now it was just after 13h00 and we were hungry.  As I mentioned earlier, it was a bit of a ghost town but,, somethings were open and we had seen a sign for a pizza place and headed off to hunt it down.  We were not disappointed at all.

Satisfied with our physical activity, Marc’s business venture and our great lunch, we hopped in the car and took the slow route home, enjoying many sights along the way.  One of the things we stumbled on was a fully blooming silk floss tree……we had never seen one if full bloom before.  Each bloom is about the size of a large opened palm.


Once home we headed down to the square to have a bica and a visit with Ana and  Simão.  As it turned out, Susie and Gus were sitting on the patio and we enjoyed a visit and catch up with them as well.  It’s wonderful to have this social circle.

And finally, as we walked from the square to home…….what to our wondering eyes should appear…………


16 thoughts on “Merging of the Days!

  1. Lovely,lovely,lovely!!! A day in the full life of Randy and Marc. What a dream!


    1. You’ll enjoy a beach day here this time of year as it’s almost empty. About 45 minutes from Estoi but you can make a full day of it.


  2. Armacao de Pera was one of the towns I stayed in way back in 1975 on my first trip. I stayed a couple of nights in what now is the Holiday Inn but was the venerable Garbe Hotel until the big crash a few years back. I was sick and the very dark, dingy pensao I had been booked into just wasn’t cutting it for me. hehe. Gosh. The town has grown so much. The Garbe was just a 2-story structure at the time and there was only 1 ‘high rise’ . . .a 6-story condo building! Despite how touristy it has become, Armacao de Pera still maintains a high degree of community involvement. I love their very family oriented Carnaval parade, the Christmas morning Santa Swim, their photo taking days, etc. Thanks for the memories, boys. 🙂


    1. Well honey, you introduced me to this place way back when ,so thanks to you! It still has a lovely feel when it’s as empty of tourists as it is right now. We had a wonderful day.


  3. Maravlihoso, obrigado!


    1. Aren’t you the cute one! Small correction, as a female you sat obrigada.


  4. What a day! What a life! I have never been there. I just can’t wait to explore these new places, especially when they are empty of tourists. Enjoy my dear friends!!!


    1. We can’t wait to be your personal tour guides!


      1. Thank you!😘😘

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Nice blog – thsmk you for posting. The beach looks like it was calling out to be explored. It’s now on our list.


    1. I have been there when you can hardly see sand for people ! Going off season like this is wonderful. You should do this soon after your arrival.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wonderful blog…I read it twice! Loved the nativity scenes, unique flowers and amazing wall art! And of course, the beach photos beckoned to me…what a great pic of Mother Nature’s keyhole!
    I am so happy you love revisiting places because Armacao de Pera is a definite choice for me. Maybe on a good day for a picnic. Nice to see my fav patron saint honoured…what would I do without him?
    Yup, a most enjoyable read! Thank you! Counting the days….


    1. I think I read somewhere that the beach there is closed from the day of your arrival till just after you leave! Sad huh? LOL


  7. Hello Randy and bonjour Marc,

    Joëlle Sanderson here (Darren Matthews “mother in law”). Pat just reminded me of your blog and I am so glad for it. There is so much happiness and awe in your prose, and your pictures could be in the National Geographic.
    Thanks for opening your window on your little slice of paradise.


    1. Hello/Bonjour Joëlle. So happy to hear from you and know that you are checking out our blog. I love to do it as it helps keep my family and friends in the know, especially my Mom…..she loves it. As you can see, we are enjoying the good life. We are invited to a traditional Portuguese Christmas Eve and very much looking forward to that experience. Our relationships here grow richer with each year. Hope you are well. Hugs to you and our best to Malcolm.


  8. Thanks Randy and Marc. Lovely to be back in touch. We have such wonderful memories of our stay in Portugal last Spring and of your visit. We won’t be back this year, but another time may be.
    Portugal looks so beautiful even (especially?) during the off season…


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