Tour Guide Anonymous!!!

Despite the threat of rain yesterday we decided to head into Olhão and spend some time wandering around this gorgeous authentic fishing town.  Much of Olhão’s architecture has been influenced by North Africa, particularly the square-shaped white houses and flat roof terraces. Outdoor staircases lead to rooftop viewpoints where, if you had access, you’d be able to gaze across the town and its neighborhoods, which date back to the 1800s.   I love this town for it’s bustling Saturday market but during the week, when it’s really just the locals, it’s a real gem and worth exploring.

Patricia had made plans to spend a day with Pat and Gary and we saw her off the same way you’d send your child off to their first day of kindergarten!!! Note the photobomber in the background.

On arrival in Olhão we parked in a section of town we had yet to visit and started out on foot from there.  Never one to fail, we enjoyed seeing many new winding streets, tiled houses, local characters and enjoyed every moment.

One of the older churches, which is usually closed, was open today and we wandered in to have a look around.

We walked for quite some time exploring many dead-end, winding and circuitous streets and alleys.  Happily for us, we did not see a single drop of rain the entire day which was a bonus.

Of course, all this walking built up an appetite and we wanted to be outside so as not to miss out on the sunshine.  As we were close to the market building we decided to head to a destination we had been introduced to by our friends Harald and Bela….Restaurante O Horta, not at all disappointing.

As always, a good walk after a lunch like this one is a necessity.   We decided to poke our noses in a few places we had seen along the way, meander at a slower pace and simply relish the feel of the sun on our faces.  Still many things to see and we truly hardly made a dent on the old quarters.  The debate was whether or not I could get us back to the car without getting lost…………and I did!!!  get us back….not lost!!!!

We arrived home happy and pooped and just in time for a fabulous cinq a sept with our neighbours as well as our friends Ana and Simão.  A perfect end to a perfect day.


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