Fairs and Festivals

We had a big debate about whether or not we would take the drive from Estoi, up through the mountains and across the plain to Alcoutim for the 14th annual Feira de Doces D’Avo (Grandmother’s Sweet’s Festival).  Didn’t take us long to recall that it’s rarely about the destination but more about the journey and we happen to love that route.


And so, we headed off around 11h00 with the thought of stopping in Martim Longo for lunch, something we’ve done for the last three or four years, then finish the drive and arrive in Alcoutim around 15h00 knowing the festival was scheduled to commence at 14h00.

Lunch was, as it always is at Restaurante Monte Branco, fabulous.  We seven had various items and I can unequivocally say there wasn’t much of a morsel left on any plate.  The biggest indication of good food was the silence around the table as we ate.  One of the things we did get to enjoy, besides the food, was the nesting storks outside.

Alcoutim was quite lively and busy when we arrived and we had to park a distance from the main area, which wasn’t a bad thing as we got to work off some of our lunch.  On route to the river side we noticed a number of trees wrapped in colourful materials.  Yarn bombing is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk.  I’ve been told that it is frequent here in the Algarve to celebrate spring.

I always love the walking about in these smaller towns, especially during any festival activity as it’s a photographers dream!

Despite the heavy skies and the threat of rain, the place was packed and the energy festive and lively.  We all headed off to have a look at the wares of the day and people watch.  Some, not all, had an eye to purchasing.

The drive home was pretty challenging as it poured, at times blindingly so.  We simply took our time, arriving safely and full of wonderful memories of another day in the Algarve. It had been a good decision to go.

This morning we decided to head to Vila Real de Santo António, once again on the Guadiana.  We had seen a notice for a handicraft fair being held in the main square and thought it would be fun.  AS it turned out, it was disappointing only because many of the vendors did not show up, probably because there was another threat of rain….which happily, never manifested.  We did enjoy the day with wandering, a bit of shopping (for some)  and a leisurely lunch on a patio.

And look who we bumped into…..I wonder if the sign in front of them was a warning to us????


We wandered down a street that I don’t recall being on before and I spotted this lovely old building.

And last, but certainly not least……the flip side of shopping!!!

Despite the inclement weather we managed to have a great day, as always, peppered with laughter and enjoyment.  We three wish all our family and friends a very happy Easter.  Our Sunday will probably be a quiet one as we’ve all expressed the desire to have an “at home” day and tomorrow feels like a perfect day for just that.

6 thoughts on “Fairs and Festivals

  1. Happy Easter! It looks like a wonderful day was had by one and all in Alcoutim. I hope you are going to São Bras for the Festival of Torches tomorrow 🥰


    1. Happy Easter to you and Ken also. We are skipping Sao Bras tomorrow. Been there the last four Easter Sundays and have decided to give this one a pass. I’m thinking a lazy day at home with duck for dinner!!!

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  2. Looks like you three continue to find places to go and have fun.

    I love the fact that the Spain is ‘right there’ A stones throw away really, and all the lovely bright white of the homes that seem to be clumped together.

    I had to chuckle at the Portuguese alarm system! You see a lot of those alarm systems as you drive through the small towns in Newfoundland too. LOL

    It’s nice to see the storks nesting.

    I have to tell you, I had a good laugh at the thought of Pat and the Portuguese woman having a ‘chat’. LOLOL Pat looks like she’s deep into it and having a grand old time too. Did she tell you what they chatted about? hehehehee

    The desserts looked yummy! Marc’s face while he’s waiting to get some is priceless.

    I LOVE the pink rosebush. I’m not fond of the smell of roses but they are a beautiful flower to look at. The one with all the dew on it was lovely too.

    Is that a real drake???????? I’ve never seen one with that colour bill.

    That green building with the lovely tiles along the top…. beautiful.

    Happy Easter to you, Marc and Patricia.

    Love and Hugs to you all.


    1. Yes, Patricia was having a grand gab…..she doesn’t really remember what they talked about…….where she was from, how long she was visiting etc.. Of course, keep in mind the woman was speaking Portuguese…..Pat “thinks” this is what she was being asked!!! LOL Yes, a real drake, quite lovely. He and his mate were scrounging around the edge of the festival looking for food. Happy Easter to you also.


  3. You make me laugh every day! Usually unexpectedly, and because I continue to provide you with fodder, I am the brunt of your quick retorts! Such wonderful wit! You know I would miss it…you keep me heart healthy! And I love you for it, you Brat! xoxo

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    1. I know not of which you speak!!!!!!


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