Exploring Estoi

A beautiful day, 18 degrees and an intense blue sky.  We were meeting friends in the square for lunch at 12h30 and consequently decided that a walk in and around the village would be the perfect morning past time……after breakfast and laundry!!

It never ceases to amaze me how we find new things every time we explore our little village, and today was no exception.

On our journey here from Canada we met (in the Toronto airport) a lovely couple from Sutton, Quebec, whom Marc knew from a distance.  They too were travelling to Portugal for a few weeks and we had arranged to meet today at the square for a lunch and visit.  What fun.

Sanders, Marc et Robert

Lunch was delicious…..feijoada de chocos……beans and cuttlefish.  Melt in the mouth goodness with rich tomato/piri piri flavour.


Time quickly disappears when you are enjoying the company, conversation, food and vinho!  That plus today many of our old “friends/acquaintances” from other visits happened by the terrace and we were the lucky recepients of hugs, kisses and many Olás!!!   It felt a bit like homecoming day.

We offered to wander the village with Sanders and Robert to show them a little of what we love about being here and so, off we headed.

Sanders described the town as being a labyrinth and I suppose she is correct, however, because we have lived here this past few winters, and we know all the nooks and crannies, we don’t see it that way any longer.  It was such a pleasure to hear their impressions and see their reactions.

What a great afternoon we experienced.   Following a visit to our apartment, we walked them back to their car to see them safely off to Tavira, their destination for the next few days.    Bon voyage nos amis.

marc's photo


8 thoughts on “Exploring Estoi

  1. They are calling for a particularly nasty winter here in Ottawa so I’m enjoying Portugal even more every day


    1. I don’t ever want anyone to think that I am gloating, cause I’m not BUT, I am so blessed to be able to avoid the intense cold of an Ottawa winter. I wish all my family and friends could experience this!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nothing better than meeting up with friends when we are away from Canada! Wonderful photos of your little town of Estoi!


    1. Vous avez raison mon amie. I look forward to sharing this wonderful village with you!


  3. Wow, the cuttlefish dish with beans & tomato peri peri sauce sounds so good! Nice photos as usual & lovely to meet up with friends old & new.


    1. Yes, it was supremely delicious and very satisfying. Rich sweet taste of the cuttlefish.


  4. Hey…haven’t had that for awhile…hope I can coordinate a meal.


    1. I’m fairly certain that you can enjoy it at least once during your stay.


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