We’ve been blessed with a few days of showers, which are so desperately needed, yet warm temperatures.   It allows us to get out and walk in the mornings, enjoy a little exploration, then home shortly after 13h00 to prepare lunch and for the most part, hang out about home doing odds and sods of things.  Neither of us is ever really bored or without some sort of project or activity to wile the time away.

I keep forgetting to mention that I have finally seen wild boars!!!!  The other evening while driving we rounded a bend in the road, this would be around dusk, and there in the middle of road, three adolescent boars!!  Of course I did not have my camera but let me tell you, I was like a kid in a candy shop.  I’m still hoping to see them when I have camera in hand as I would love to capture them for the blog.

Today was quite warm but very foggy and misty as we headed up the mountain for our brisk outing.  We had decided to go a favourite route but to continue along in a north easterly direction from the point where we normally head south.  How delighted I was to discover that a path I had taken last year, and given up on after a couple of hours, actually linked to this new route we took today.  We now have another wonderful loop that takes just under two hours, is not as demanding as some but very satisfying when we don’t want to get in the car and drive for a long distance.


Once we had looped around the back of our mountain I was fairly certain we could actually get all the way home without having to back track.  Turns out I was right and both Marc and myself were happy not to have to turn around and trudge down the long hill we had just climbed.  Several great views as we headed up.

Once we peaked and started our downward journey we came across this field where a horse and few other animals were intently watching us.


We aren’t certain if that is a porco preta (black pig) or in fact a boar.  From a distance it was a little difficult to tell but….the way it scurried away from us, I’m leaning towards the boar theory!!!

By mid afternoon the clouds had all dissipated and the gorgeous blue skies were all around us.  The next few days are calling for warm sunny skies……..not at all certain what we will get up to but I think I see another hike in my future!!!

8 thoughts on “Potpourri

  1. Another day in Portugal paradise. Great story…..and I did not even get BOAR-ed😎😎😎😎 It was 11 degrees in Ottawa today. All snow is gone….except the piles of snow outside of the indoor skating rinks from when they prepare the ice😃


    1. Aren’t you the funny one!! I’m happy you’re having a slight reprieve from winter, hopefully it lasts a while for you.


  2. Great blog as usual! Love all the boats in Fuzeta tied up for a day of rest – great picture!


    1. Thanks Joannie. I always feel quiet and tranquil inside when I see all the boats lined up like that.


  3. I was thrilled to hear you’ve seen boar…I feel your excitement. Remember to take us on that new route. Looking forward to it.xx


    1. Don’t you worry. your names came up a couple of times during that walk yesterday…….it’s a great loop and just demanding enough to make it feel worthwhile.


  4. Wow…a wild boar sighting! Lucky you 🤩


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