Slumbering Saturday Regime

routine [ro͞oˈtēn]

NOUN a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program.”I settled down into a routine of work and sleep” synonyms:procedure · practice · pattern · drill · regime · regimen · groove · [more]

ADJECTIVE performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason.”the principal insisted that this was just a routine annual drill “synonyms:standard · regular · customary · accustomed · normal · usual · ordinary · [more

]VERB organize according to a routine.”all had been routined with smoothness”

This well describes our Saturday morning here in Portugal. The Olhão market calls out to us. We love the action of going to purchase our favourite bread, peruse the various vendors wares along the market, and finally, to sit in our favourite little “Gwen McCauley spot” and enjoy a bica while people watching, sea sniffing, and sun-soaking. Today it included Pat and Gary!!

Following the market and a good chin wag, we decided to head to Dinis for lunch and continue catching up. That too is a fun activity and never a disappointment. Then finally, before heading home we headed out to see the place where Pat and Gary will be moving in another five weeks or so.

If she is not weeding, she is cleaning up. What a gal!
A lovely hand painted tile on stone wall outside an elegant and opulent property

This morning as I walked out to the car I was suddenly in awe of Mother Nature yet again and her abundant gifts of colour, movement, and beauty. This is taken at our gate as we head out to the parking area. I have the pleasure of seeing this as often as I want during this two to three week window where the almonds remain in bloom. Lucky man am I!

4 thoughts on “Slumbering Saturday Regime

  1. Great way to spend Saturday! Love the almond trees in bloom.


    1. It sure was fun and yes, those blossoms are gorgeous.


  2. Almond trees in bloom. Spectacular!


    1. Honestly Ken, in all my years of seeing them, this year they are the most spectacular I have ever witnessed. From on high it looks as if the valleys are dotted with mounds of cotton candy.


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