Quinta da Tôr…..Wine and Art

What a glorious and full Sunday this turned out to be. We had planned to head to the village of Tôr, just a short distance north west of Loulé, as a fellow artist friend of Marc’s, Bob Tidy, was participating in a art exhibition at the Quinta da Tôr, a small family run winery. It was a more than delightful jaunt and all five of us enjoyed ourselves as we wandered in and around the winery taking in the creations of the nine artists exhibiting. I took a few random shots of pieces that spoke to me. I’ve made no effort to reposition them or try to eliminate reflective light. Each was quite resplendent in the environment it was displayed.

Bob, who is a photographer digital artist, was kind enough to walk me through a demonstration of his artistic process in creating his pieces. I have a new appreciation and respect for this modality that I certainly never had before today.

Being able to wander freely, spend as much time with each piece, and or artist that you wished and then having the luxury of being able to wander freely around the property was a Sunday afternoon delight.

Of course, by now it was heading into the lunchtime hour and Sunday in the Algarve can be tricky in trying to find a place. We had a couple of places in mind and headed off, as per usual, to see if they were opened or not. Not in the first two instances but great luck in the third. A place that I have wanted to go to for years and did once, but only for a coffee. This will most certainly be a return locations.

Try not to drool on your keyboard!!!!

There are always indications that a meal is wonderful…..the first thing is the oohing and aahing when the food arrives on the table. Secondly comes the porno moans with the first bite. This is quickly followed by intense silence. And finally, when you hear everybody talking about what they are going to order the next time they are there!!! This was certainly the reality for us today.

Also, we enjoyed a little company as we ate lunch.

And finally, to wrap up an already perfect Sunday, we had arranged to meet Ana and
Simão, with whom we have been friends for several years, at the harbour in Olhão for a late afternoon drink and visit. It’s always a pleasure to see them and today was no exception.

As we left for the drive home it was around 17h30 and the sun was just starting to set

Once home and parked we look back over our shoulder towards Olhão, about 12 km away and this was the view.

Chef Marc is apron clad and in the kitchen, Joanne is just starting a fire in her apartment (well in the fireplace) then she will join us for dinner. Our fire is blazing, Jazz 24 is keeping us entertained and me, well I definitely hear the sound of a cork in my future!!!

One last shot for today…………..

Abraços de Portugal!!

6 thoughts on “Quinta da Tôr…..Wine and Art

  1. Glennis Doiron (Tetford) January 23, 2022 — 8:46 pm

    Sounds like a fabulous day. I am really enjoying reading your blogs.


    1. Delighted you are following along. Thanks for the comment.


  2. Unique art exhibit with some interesting pieces! The food looked amazing, so no wonder there were oohs and aahs.


    1. Yes, both were enjoyable in different ways!


  3. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday, everything was super wonderful,the paintings were fabulous,the food to die for,the animals were gentle and above all the friendship cannot be beaten.


    1. Yes it sure was a full and wonderful day. We spent all Monday laying low and recuperating. LOL


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