The Carnation Revolution (Portuguese: Revolução dos Cravos). April 25

Forty Eight years ago today! Parabéns a Portugal. This taken just outside our door a few minutes ago!

Given it’s a holiday things are relatively quiet today. The sun is shining, sky blue, and for some reason, the birdsong today was deafening. I think they too were celebrating April 25th!

I headed out for a lovely walk, not totaling planning where I might wander, aimless strolling.

I didn’t see a single person during my walk, almost as if I was alone in the world. I even startled a couple of dogs as I guess I was walking a bit quieter than usual and they must have been napping cause usually they are yapping!!

I came to another inviting path that I hadn’t been down before.

Our friend, Elsa, who has been a mainstay at the café here in the square since our first visit to Estoi recently left to open her own café in her home town of Patacão, which is about 20 minutes or so from Estoi. Today was her opening day and Marc and I wanted to go to celebrate her and this wonderful opportunity that has manifested itself. We couldn’t be happier for her.

After our bica and visit we decided to wander around Patacão a little as we had never been there. It was a larger community than we had anticipated and of course something new presented itself to us. A new type of passion flower. The vine was all along the front of a lovely house and the blossoms were abundant. I loved the curly look of the flower.

Just after taking that shot I looked up in another tree and there, sitting in a box, and looking none to pleased to have been discovered…..

I said hello and she hissed at me, over and over!!! I wondered if maybe she had babies in there with her but didn’t want to get any closer to investigate. Her teeth looked lethal!

And here we are, somehow another day has slipped through our fingers. But not before leaving us this lovely treat.

2 thoughts on “The Carnation Revolution (Portuguese: Revolução dos Cravos). April 25

  1. I was thrilled with Elsa’s new venture. On our list for next year. We’ve been so busy with settling in here we are missing a walks. Almost there. Enjoy your final week. Hugs, P


    1. Thanks. I’ve got a few things planned and I know time will fly. Thankfully the weather is gorgeous.


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