Friends on Friday in Fuzeta

I’m more than disappointed in the weather again today but I guess there is little I can do about it. The sunshine of yesterday was clearly a tease!

Leaving Joanne at home to tend to house and fire, Marc and I headed off for a reunion of sorts in Fuzeta. We were meeting up with old colleagues/friends of mine and their respective spouses to enjoy lunch and a visit. I do enjoy this aspect of being here with so many folks arriving that we rarely get to see in Canada yet managed to spend time with here in Portugal.

Oneta had made a reservation at La Plage, a great fish/seafood menu, on one of Fuzeta’s main squares for 12h15. A good thing it had a somewhat covered terrace as the wind was up a bit and the sky was simply a blanket of cloud. In the end it didn’t matter as the constant chit chat was a diversion to absolutely everything around us!

Oneta, Marcel, moi-même , Donna and Keltie
Oneta, Marcel, Marc, Donna, and Keltie

The food was very good and even more astounding was the price. I think it’s one of the least expensive meals we’ve had since arriving here.

Marc and Oneta both enjoyed the cod dish, Donna and I both had the baby squid while Marcel had chicken, and Keltie a mixed fish dish. Generous portions and lovely and hot.

It was great to catch up and enjoy a few chuckles and we’ve made plans to meet again.

On the way there this morning I had taken a very old, winding, and favourite route that zigzags through a bumpy, work old country road. As we rounded a bend in that road we noticed a huge kumquat bush, laden with fruit, that begged to be photographed. Each kumquat is the size and shape of a small chicken egg.

We’ve decided that tomorrow morning will be a visit to the Olhão Saturday morning market. Fingers crossed for sunshine to keep us company. Till then……..até logo

5 thoughts on “Friends on Friday in Fuzeta

  1. Glad you guys enjoyed the food. It wasn’t the best of days weather-wise.


    1. Hey Gord, it sure wasn’t a good day. I’m so tired of the coolness but hey, we’re in Portugal! It’s not all bad.


  2. It’s nice to see local stuff from someone else’s point of view. We do get a bit obsessed with the weather though, don’t we? In a few weeks I’m sure I’ll be complaining about the heat. I doubt they’ve reached 18C yet in Canada this year. They certainly haven’t in my old UK hometown.


    1. My friends in Canada are bundled up and still digging out snow! I have no right to complain about a bit of cooler weather…LOL


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