The Best Laid Plans

I love weekends in Portugal. There is a distinctive change in the rhythm of life in general. Markets pop up in town squares, large and small. There seem to be more children evident in the streets and parks. You hear more laughter and loud friendly conversations on streets and in shops. Patios and terraces are full earlier and later in the day, and in general it all feels completely magical for me. It adds layer and depth to my already Zen attitude.

This particular weekend I had plans to do a few things, including a festival in a village an hour or so from here, however when I woke yesterday morning the message I heard loud and clear in my head was “do nothing”! I listened to it and that’s pretty well exactly what Marc and I have done since Friday afternoon. It’s been blissful.

Olhão market Saturday morning to pick up a few things then spur of the moment we bought “take away” (fabulous arroz de pato…Duck Rice) from a favourite place, came home and put away the groceries then sat on the terrace in the sun while we ate (and moaned and groaned as it was delicious and plentiful), then hung out.

Today was breakfast on the terrace… was my view…..I don’t see how I could beat that!

In chatting we had determined that perhaps we could get a start on one of our suitcases, to lessen the work closer to heading home, and in fact we managed to get one completely packed, 22,7 kg, which is wonderful. From there it was potter mode. Marc was working on something related to his art and I grabbed my camera, threw a bunch of doggie treats in my pocket and did something I take great pleasure in, wandering through the fields behind us and climbing over stone walls to explore.

The sound of the bees today was at times, deafening. I stood in a field of wild sorrel and I closed my eyes and stood very still. It was all I could hear, buzzing and humming. As I stood there not moving I suddenly felt a few of them land on my arms and lets. Their tiny little feet tickling me as they walked along my body the flew off. I can’t describe how euphoric it made me feel, and so connected to the earth in that moment. A keeper memory!

I then headed down a country lane near us to “drop in” on a couple of local dogs that, when they see me, anticipate treats, and instead of barking wildly, as they are wont to do, they make this excited happy whine in their throats and fall over themselves wagging their tails. Three treats each…….one when I meet up with them, a second half way along the road (they inside the fence), and the third, at the very end of their property before I walk away. They’ll miss me when I leave.

As I walked up the driveway I could see our house and Marc working on the terrace. This is quite a long shot

What a wonderful walk I enjoyed. As I neared the house I saw that James had arrived and we enjoyed a lovely visit, tea, and good gab with Jackson sprawled out in the shade of the terrace.

As Marc was putting the finishing touches on dinner and I was sitting on the terrace I noticed a couple of splashes of colour that the setting sun was lighting up. I thought it a nice way to close out my blog for the day.

But then again, there might be a better way to close out my blathering for the day……..You can decide.

16 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. We must have just missed each other. We were at the Olhao market Saturday around 8:30am for an hour or so.


    1. My gosh you’re early birds. We were a bit later than that!!


  2. Love Marc’s jammies..did he hurt his wrist opening wine bottles?😊


    1. Aren’t you the funny one…..I happen to open all the wine around here, even though I’m not drinking.


  3. It sounds like your 6th sense kicked in and I’m glad you listened and you had a blissful weekend! I love those moments when you experience that out of body connection to Mother Earth and all her glory. I could appreciate easily what you felt in that field.
    What happened to Marc’s hands?
    Enjoy all the wonderful moments left in Portugal.


    1. Yes, it was a perfect weekend in so many ways. Marc has a bit of carpal tunnel and has been using a brace for a few months…….


  4. That’s a lovely week-end


  5. Love the chef!
    So sad to read that you’re packing up in preparation for leaving. Your beautiful photos of all the flowers and your friends (two of whom I know 😊) and your self of course have been a joy in our dark dismal winter days.


    1. Thank you so very much Margaret. We will miss it very much, including the opportunity to spend time with our friends. We all live so far apart in Canada that we rarely see each other. As they say, all good things must come to an end, but there will be a return!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I am glad you two are so relaxed. I am too, and will be even more so as Meg and I head to Bali tonight for a week. Having a wonderful time with the grandkids too. More time with them during Easter holidays. Randy I think you two should look for a dog when you come home😊 take care of yourselves. Ain’t colour and warm weather and ocean grand! I feel so fortunate.


    1. I’m so happy you are having this time with your family, it will put a wonderful bounce back in your step. Enjoy every second in Bali and take lots of photos. We are starting to wind down, which is less painful than it might otherwise be given we know we will be back. Travel safely mon amie. Hugs


  7. What a lovely relaxed weekend you guys had! The pictures of the countryside and colourful flora are beautiful, especially the orchids! Great picture of Marc!


    1. Thanks Joannie……life continues to be more than grand on this end. Hope your snow is disappearing quickly and your crocuses survived. Hugs


  8. Such ‘a peaceful, easy feeling’ blog…nice rhythm! Love the carefreeness of your life in Portugal, beyond wonderful. Really enjoyed the flowers, don’t remember the wee poppies but I could learn to love them too. The tall willowy poppy needs a frame!
    Toss up between final two photos…gorgeous purple/ bluish fleurs and your ever-so cute hubby! Both are faves of mine! 🤗


    1. LOL. Yes, they are both cute aren’t they? I think I have to choose the hubby….or else!


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